BioLogics Health and Sports Injury Center provides a comprehensive range of therapy techniques to help patients find relief from sports injuries and chronic conditions.

The BioLogics Approach to Sports Injury Solutions

Dr. Brown is certified in Applied Kinesiology (AK). In this form of treatment, a complex bio-mechanical (kinesiology) assessment is performed on the first visit in order to find the root of the problem. Once the "weak link" is found, alternative forms of treatment are applied in a systematic method until the bio-mechanical imbalances have been corrected for fast, long lasting results.

Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology (AK) is a form of diagnosis using muscle evaluation as a primary mechanism to examine how a person's body is functioning. Treatment always begins with a complete muscular assessment of the injured area and any associated areas. Once muscular imbalances have been found, an individual treatment plan is prescribed using alternative therapies for long lasting effective results.

Acupuncture (electrical) and Acupressure

In traditional Acupuncture, specific points are stimulated in order to balance your body's electrical energy. At BioLogics, we are concerned with muscular weakness and imbalances. Since every muscle in the body is associated with specific Acupuncture points these points are stimulated for immediate and long-lasting muscular responses. Therefore, we do not do traditional Acupuncture, but stimulate specific Acupuncture points related to an individual's muscular imbalance for very specific results.


All of our doctors are Chiropractors with special training in Applied Kinesiology. They are all board certified and licensed by the State of California. While joint mobilization and Chiropractic treatment is very effective, the addition of muscle balancing aids in long lasting results, significantly reducing the need for repetitive adjustments or maintenance adjustments.

Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

In athletic injuries, muscle trauma (whether from overuse or direct injury) is the most common reason for muscle imbalance and weakness. We apply several forms of deep tissue therapy (muscle spindle therapy, origin and insertion therapy, fascial stripping and cross friction massage) to reset overused and injured muscles.


We use reflex points on the body called Chapman reflex points or neurolymphatic reflexes, as well as Bennet reflex points or neurovascular reflex points. As with the Acupuncture points, each muscle correlates with specific reflex points. When a reflex point has been injured, the muscle will not longer function properly. If the muscle dysfunction if related to the Reflexology point, stimulating the reflex point will also enhance the muscle function.


All of the doctors at BioLogics are trained in nutrition to help you with basic problems such as hormone imbalances, depression, weight loss and sports training.