Phillip D. Brown DC, CCN, FIAMA

Dr. Brown was born and raised in Bellflower, CA.
While attending college he worked at a grocery store stocking shelves. It was here that he first became aware of Chiropractic. While lifting some heavy boxes, he injured his low back. After some time with continued pain, he went to a chiropractor. In a brief period of time, his back was fine. This exposure to the Chiropractic approach to healing along with his major in biology, helped him redirect his career.

In 1990, Dr. Brown graduated with a doctorate degree from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and began working in Fountain Valley, CA. Over the next several years, he eventually began his own practice, BioLogics.

After practicing Chiropractic for several years, Dr. Brown became convinced that most problems he saw were more bio-mechanical (weak muscles not allowing bones and joints to move normally) than strictly Chiropractic (bones being moved out of place). As a result, he began studies in Applied Kinesiology and became a certified Applied Kinesiologist in 1996.

His involvement in Kinesiology allowed him to find bio-mechanical problems and directed him to alternative therapies such as Deep Tissue Muscle Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology and Nutrition. In 1997, he culminated several years of nutritional studies, and became a Certified Nutritionist. Later, in 1999 he became certified in Acupuncture.