Our Philosophy

Over the years, we at Bio-Logics have come to realize that treating musculo-skeletal injuries without comprehensive biomechanical assessment just doesn't make sense. As we began providing musculo-skeletal assessment, it became clear that we had hit on something very important. Once the biomechanical problems were revealed, conventional treatment such as Chiropractic, Exercises, or Physiotherapy alone just were not very successful for long-term results.

Therapies such as ice, heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and even medications are geared to relieve inflammation or help heal acute injuries, with very little long-term effects on chronic injuries. While these have their place, the root problem must first be identified. What kind of exercises do you give a tennis player complaining of tennis elbow without evaluating the muscles of the forearm? What kind of exercises do you give a marathon runner with knee pain without evaluating the foot and leg muscles? And why would you give someone that runs 30 miles per week leg exercises? More importantly, if a runner has knee pain and it is because of a weak or even over developed muscle as most medical doctors or physical therapists assume, why would only one side hurt? The reality is that most athletic injuries not associated with a specific trauma are over-use injuries, not under-use injuries.

What we found was that we can regain proper biomechanics and heal injuries in a relatively short time by first identifying the muscle imbalance, and then applying a very comprehensive combination of therapies such as Deep tissue muscle massage, Chiropractic adjustments, Acupuncture, Reflexology in association with exercises and physiotherapy for fast, effective, long lasting results.